Jello Biafra, Ottawa, Sept 2000.
Goodbye Blue Monday, Allston, MA circa 1995.The Ramones, Ottawa, August 1986.Rocket From The Crypt, Montreal, a few years ago.Jello Biafra, Ottawa, Sept 2000.a smoker outside 5 Arlington, Ottawa circa 1993Avail, Ottawa, 1998.The Nation Of Ulysses, Washington, DC 1991.
Jello Biafra, Ottawa, Sept 2000. - 2001-04-18 in Category: [2000s]  

this is from a spoken word show at the National Gallery of Canada. it was a decent show, tho i always find Jello preaches to the converted and talks too long... the audience definately gets more bang for their buck than your average rock show or other forms of entertainment.

Jello was in town with my friend Melanie from Fat Wreck Chords Canada so i got to hangout with them and go out for food before the show. Jello talks in that nasal voice all the time, which i didn't expect. it's funny hearing him order food, or talk about recording the Lard album, i felt like his spoken word record was playing in the background at the restaurant. the real weird thing was that someone that politically conscious eats meat. i didn't bother challenging him on that as i was the guest at dinner.

he's doing spoken word gigs in eastern Canada this week and will be at the FTAA demonstrations...

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