Rocket From The Crypt, Montreal, a few years ago.
The Promise Ring, Detroit, MI circa 1994Goodbye Blue Monday, Allston, MA circa 1995.The Ramones, Ottawa, August 1986.Rocket From The Crypt, Montreal, a few years ago.Jello Biafra, Ottawa, Sept 2000.a smoker outside 5 Arlington, Ottawa circa 1993Avail, Ottawa, 1998.
Rocket From The Crypt, Montreal, a few years ago. - 2001-04-17 in Categories: [1990s]  [Bands]  

this is from the Warped Tour in Montreal a few years ago. i forget who else played right now. Rocket were the only band i wanted to see. they rocked-it. ha ha. i am really funny when i am tired. i bought a RFTC ring at the show. i just produced a show for Propagandhi tonight at Barrymore's in Ottawa and am going to see them and RFTC tonight in Montreal. that is why i am slack and not really giving you a verbose description today. i hope you aren't to dissapointed and enjoy the break.

okay. here's some comentary. i can't leave you high and dry... RFTC are great but i'll take Drive Like Jehu anyday, or even the Hot Snakes... just my two cents. and i will buy a Rocket belt buckle at the show tonight nonetheless...

(note rock/skate photog, collector of vintage stuff and fluf guitarist, O in the bottom left corner of the shot)

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synapse  n.  the junction point of two neurons, across which a nerve impulse passes.

right: "Even though my synapses are fried from a four day weekend of rock (Propagandhi, Arab Strap, Promise Ring, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dillinger Escape Plan, Propagandhi) I am still going to Montreal tonight to see Prop/Explosion/INC/RFTC."

wrong: "Mama jokes and other put downs are sometimes called synapses."

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