The Ramones, Ottawa, August 1986.
New Bomb Turks, New York City, NY circa 1991The Promise Ring, Detroit, MI circa 1994Goodbye Blue Monday, Allston, MA circa 1995.The Ramones, Ottawa, August 1986.Rocket From The Crypt, Montreal, a few years ago.Jello Biafra, Ottawa, Sept 2000.a smoker outside 5 Arlington, Ottawa circa 1993
The Ramones, Ottawa, August 1986. - 2001-04-16 in Categories: [1980s]  [Bands]  

this is the first photo i ever had published. the Ramones at Porter Hall, Carleton University. the campus newspaper needed some images to go along with a story. i hooked them up, and thus began my career. i had this photo ready to put on the site over the weekend, for it's historic significance (to me) but decided to hold off as i felt it wasn't a very strong photo. with the announcement of Joey Ramone's death today i looked through my files for something more "exciting", but the Ramones never attempted to be visually stimulating. they just pumelled you with 20+ songs at maximum volume in an hour long set.

i was lucky enough to see and shoot the originators of punk a half dozen times, as well as work tech crew for one show. they were never one of my favourite bands, yet i never missed a show when they hit Ottawa.

R.I.P. Jeffrey Hyman.

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