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Quicksand - 2012-06-11 in Categories: [1990s]  [Bands]  

heard the rumours, "confirmed" the rumours, checked for and found an airmiles flight and a cheap rental car. packed my camera bag and some clothes. thought about it some more. checked flights/hotels/car rental again. booked my flight at 3am and was on a plane to LAX at 6am Saturday morning. totally worth it.

running into Walter the night before he said it still may not go down, and his pre-show tweets of "can still run out the back" and "in a cab on my way to airport", well... but it happened and it was awesome. it felt like a NYC show in the 90s with lotsof friends in attendance.

they started with Omission, followed with Unfulfilled, Fazer, Dine Alone and ended with How Soon Is Now?

as much as i hate the notion of reunion shows, this felt special, like it was done for all the right reasons.

happy 25th Revelation!

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