Goodbye Blue Monday, Allston, MA circa 1995.
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Goodbye Blue Monday, Allston, MA circa 1995. - 2001-04-15 in Categories: [1990s]  [Bands]  

this is a photo of Mike Parsell rocking out in the back room of a food co-op in Allston, MA. i met Mike with Frail and became good friends. he was the reason i started my record label, one of their songs was so good i said i would put it out and Mike was like "sure" and i replied with "don't you need to talk to the rest of the band?!?" he came back 10 minutes later and i had a record label on my hands. Mike is now in AM/FM with Brian from Franklin and their 2nd album just came out on Polyvinyl. not only is Mike a great songwriter, but he is a master of cell phone "snake" and bubblehockey.

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