Warped Tour 2007 - Gallows
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Warped Tour 2007 - Gallows - 2007-08-13 in Categories: [2000s]  [Bands]  

Frank Carter of UK based Gallows -- best band on the Warped Montreal stop. the only act which seemed sincere and not going through the motions or posturing. nice cover of "Nervous Breakdown"... Gallows are a must for fans of Cancer Bats, Young Widows, Cursed, Fucked Up etc with their perfect mix of punk and hardcore, harnessing the intensity of both. i ran into a longtime A&R acquaintance at Austin airport leaving South By Southwest this year and asked what band impressed him the most. he said Gallows. he wasn't shitting me.

best food at Warped -- a tie between smuggled-in Chu Chai brochettes (thanx Nat and Brian) vs. the vegan fettucini alfredo in band catering.

overall a relatively dismal day for bands, save the Union Stage, which was a lot of fun. the venue was super dusty as usual. running into a bunch of friends i hadn't seen in a while and the vegan alfredo made the day worthwhile.

what the fuck's up with every screamo band doing the "wall of death" -- leave it to LOG, and think up something original. oh wait, you're screamo bands. nevermind.

i'll try post some photos of other bands in the next few days. or maybe i'll just post more shots of Gallows.

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