Warped Tour 2006 - Thursday
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Warped Tour 2006 - Thursday - 2006-08-26 in Categories: [1990s]  [2000s]  [Bands]  

My first encounter with Thursday was seeing them open for Discount at the Court Tavern in their home town of New Brunswick, NJ just before the turn of the millenium. The place was packed for them. They were good, but I didn't really get into them. They've grown as a band and grown on me. Super nice guys. I'm kicking myself for not picking up their demo at that show.

Whenever I see them offstage, especially in a non-rock setting, I always confuse Steve for Issa from Good Clean Fun. Here's proof that I am not crazy or going blind.

Steve is the one on the left.

Okay... the right.

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