Warped Tour 2006 - Pistolita
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Warped Tour 2006 - Pistolita - 2006-08-25 in Categories: [2000s]  [Bands]  

Pistolita have the honour of being of my favourite new bands.

I was introduced to them when raiding the promo cabinet of their booking agent Andrew Ellis while in New York. The CD-R of their out of print "Gliss Note" EP I picked up then was pretty good, but their new album "Oliver Under The Moon" blows it away. It's the combination of well crafted pop melodies plunked out on a piano, raspy vocals and punk rock edge, that does it for me. Not sure if I'm imagining the little bit of Drive Like Jehu I hear in their guitar parts due to their location. The title track is definately a contender for one of the best songs of the year.

Conor Meads, principal vocalist/songwriter rocks out on the keys while Cory Stier bashes the drums.

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