Warped Tour 2006 - Valencia
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Warped Tour 2006 - Valencia - 2006-08-18 in Categories: [2000s]  [Bands]  

Nobody really takes pictures of drummers. Unless you're shooting Rush or Cryptopsy...

Maybe that's why my drummer photos usually end up on CDs (like the new Strike Anywhere album "Dead FM" out September 5). Which in turn is probably why I make sure to shoot drummers... Then again I only usually shoot drummers who exhibit intensity and energy, Valencia's Maxim Soria being one of them.

Philadelphia's Valencia are band #3 on my Warped CF card. They combine elements of early Saves The Day with Thrice and sounded pretty good for a two year old band of kids who appear to still be in high school. One claim to fame is guitarist Brendan Walter being one of the 32 people sued by the RIAA in it's first round of file sharing lawsuits.

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