Warped Tour 2006 - Helmet
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I attended the Warped Tour's final date in Montreal this past Sunday. I'll post the one best pic of all the 30-odd bands I shot over the next few days. Thanx as well go out to Brian Garson for making this new site for me. It's a LOT easier to update than past incarnations of scallen.com, especially with me shooting digital primarily.

It's kindof fitting that a Helmet photo follows a Nirvana one here... Helmet were the first post Nirvana band destined to be the "next big thing" and profitted from a major label bidding war in late 1991 where Interscope scooped them for a million bucks. "Meantime" came out in 1992 and despite being an awesome record wasn't the next "Nevermind"... This photo was shot during "Unsung" while a couple hundred kids moshed while the massive lineup still trickled in.

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f 8
48 mm
1/200 sec