nirvana - montreal - 1991
Armx Protest, Ottawa, May 22, 1989olympic swimmer Francilia Agar, ottawa, november 2000the promise ring, singapore restuarant, philadelphia, today.nirvana - montreal - 1991Warped Tour 2006 - HelmetWarped Tour 2006 - Armor For SleepWarped Tour 2006 - Valencia
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here's a quick pic for today. will do a more comprehensive posting later tonight or saturday. i just got back in town from four days in philly and have a tonne of work crap to take care of today. grrr.

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vulpine  adj.  like a fox, sly, crafty.

example: "In an attempt to act vulpine, the rock band fired their manager, lead him on saying that he could co-manage the band with their label guy, only to leave their manager high and dry."

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