olympic swimmer Francilia Agar, ottawa, november 2000
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olympic swimmer Francilia Agar, ottawa, november 2000 - 2001-05-07 in Categories: [2000s]  [People]  

i shot Francie in her home, for the cover of Capital Xtra! not only did she compete in the Australian Olympics on Team Dominica, but she's an accomplished painter (fine art and interiors) and pianist (Ottawa U music graduate and choral accompanist).

this was the best, and most fun, cover shoot i have done for Capital Xtra! in the seven years i have been working for them. the pictures turned out amazing, thanks in part to Francie's exuberance and great interior paint job. we hung out after the shoot and kept in touch over the last six months despite out equally hectic schedules.

Francie moved to Korea today to teach English for a year. i wish her the best of luck. i'll definately miss her...

this was shot with my Bronica SQ-A with an 80mm lens, using a dynalite 1000w strobe with a medium softbox in the front and a vivitar 285 with slave unit in the back.

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