National Airport, Washington, DC - 03/07/91
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National Airport, Washington, DC - 03/07/91 - 2001-04-25 in Category: [2000s]  

Washington DC has been a favourite place to visit, for the music and the people. if i didn't have to work tonight or Friday, i'd hightail it down to see Fugazi.

this area of the airport below the subway line caught my eye and i shot 21 frames from different perspectives. i like this image the best. i could get all technical and discuss the composition, texture and juxtaposition of light and dark and shit but i won't. i didn't really think of that when i took the shot so why should i now. it's just one of my favourite shots of my favourite places.

(ouch. i just noticed that the airport has been renamed the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport...)

i was amazed at how nice and clean the DC subway system or "metro" was when i visited. the architecture inside the stations was pretty cool as well. i shot another roll or so of the escalators and insides of the stations too. no, i don't get out much.

to this day my friend Steve Neale and I always repeat "Orange Line, New Carrollton" with a Virginia drawl, when we see each other and reminisce about our trips down to DC for a Simple Machines festival and a huge Pro-Choice Rally in the early 90s. Steve also reminds me about the time we missed our train back to Canada (and he missed a day of work) because i figured it would take 15 minutes to go crosstown in New York City rush hour, but we won't go there today...

this shot was published as a "page 3" photo in Trans FM a program guide and music magazine i published for CKCU-FM. it also appeared in The Carleton Arts Review and an ad for Dischord records.

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