Bad Religion merch area - Metropolis, Montreal, QUEBEC - 10/5/93
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Bad Religion merch area - Metropolis, Montreal, QUEBEC - 10/5/93 - 2001-04-24 in Categories: [1990s]  [Bands]  

i have never been a big Bad Religion fan. i bought "Suffer" a decade ago and it's an okay record, and i have seen them live a half dozen times as they have always had good choices of openers - Quicksand, Seaweed, The Promise Ring... however, i have serious issues with bands who play the same songs over and over again, save the Ramones who invented that style... in this instance, i wanted to see Seaweed, so i went to see them open for Green Day and Bad Religion.

Seaweed were great and worth the trip. as was this photo op... ironic, seeing as it was Bad Religion's "Recipe For Hate" tour.

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