The Nation Of Ulysses, Washington, DC 1991.
Jello Biafra, Ottawa, Sept 2000.a smoker outside 5 Arlington, Ottawa circa 1993Avail, Ottawa, 1998.The Nation Of Ulysses, Washington, DC 1991.Atom and his packages, Syracuse, NY, January 25, 2001Bad Religion merch area - Metropolis, Montreal, QUEBEC - 10/5/93National Airport, Washington, DC - 03/07/91
The Nation Of Ulysses, Washington, DC 1991. - 2001-04-21 in Categories: [1990s]  [Bands]  

this photo was shot at DC Space in Washington DC in March 1991. i was lucky enough to see the NOU twice on this trip to DC, once at a Abi's with Admiral and Tsunami and this show with Beat Happening. I also got to see Admiral and Fugazi in Lancaster, PA and Beat Happening and Autoclave in Baltimore.

this photo appeared on the first Nation of Ulysses CD on Dischord

i saw The International Noise Conspiracy last week and they reminded me a lot of the Make*Up and the Nation of Ulysses. however, the INC are false prophets of the gospel ya-ya sound, the Nation of Ulysses must prevail.


(regular vistors may have noticed that i have been a little low on text for the last few days, i have been recovering from my week of rock and having to work as well. i am thinking of compacting fri/sat/sun photos into one page, from now on as weekend webtraffic is low, and i could use the break. any comments would be appreciated... on the plus side, i went into the photo lab i work at today and scanned a handful of new pix, some of which never seen before.)

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