Avail, Ottawa, 1998.
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Avail, Ottawa, 1998. - 2001-04-20 in Categories: [1990s]  [Bands]  

Like Fugazi, Avail are another band i could do a month's worth of "photos of the day" with... this shot is from a show i put on for them at the Liquid Monkey in Ottawa, summer 1998.

i have nothing more to say right now than Avail rock, they are one of the best live bands i have ever seen and they need to come back up this way soon. (i had a late night with Sweep The Leg Johnny and Haymarket Riot and i need to get to work right now...)

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diverge  v.  to move or extend in different directions from a common point or from each other.

right: "Most people's musical tastes diverge from the high school to college to adulthood."
wrong: "Diverge are a wicked awesome hardcore band on Equal Vision records."

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